Life Changing


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This phrase encompasses our inspiration - and our mission - for improving your financial future. With a double meaning.

In one sense of the phrase, if your hard-earned assets compound, this can surely change your life for the better.

In another sense, life is evolving. Your financial plans and investment strategies must also evolve. Yet, do you have the time, energy and background to keep them up?

Sprout Capital is here to help. Sprout Capital was formed to translate deep investment experience and sophisticated financial tools into straightforward, actionable advice for clients like you. Sprout Capital aims to help you protect and grow your assets.

Read on to check out our process, our investment strategies, our firm, and frequently-asked questions. Have a question? Reach out!

Also, have a read of our recent letter on market volatility.



Model Portfolios...

Sprout Capital utilizes carefully researched investment strategies which feature robot-like execution, downside protection, and low fund expense ratios, with an aim to maximize your return for the amount of risk taken.

...Tailored To You...

Model portfolios are just that - models. First, we listen to you. Then we decide if and how our model portfolios may be mixed and adapted for your risk tolerance, financial goals, financial capacity, and account type.

...Closely Watched.

Sprout Capital monitors the markets and your situation for opportunities to improve after-tax returns. If the market begins to turn south, Sprout Capital will actively take steps to reduce risk (like moving to cash or into fixed income).



Program A


Program A is Sprout Capital's flagship growth investment strategy.

Program A normally invests in a basket of individual stocks, but will sell if conditions become unfavorable. Program A may be used with your taxable accounts, IRAs, and employer-sponsored plans with a SDBA (self-directed brokerage account option).
  • Robust and intuitive
  • Efficient
  • Systematic
  • Liquid
  • Recession monitoring

Program B

("Bond rotation")

Program B is Sprout Capital's preservation & growth strategy.

Program B reallocates monthly into the strongest ETFs from a list of fixed income and gold ETFs. Program B may be used with your taxable accounts, IRAs, and employer-sponsored plans with a SDBA (self-directed brokerage account option).
  • Robust and intuitive
  • Lower risk than Program A
  • Used in isolation or as a complement to Program A
  • Systematic
  • Liquid

Program R

("Retirement plan")

Are you a participant in a 401(k) or another employer-sponsored plan? Do your plan's limitations disappoint you?

Program R adapts to your employer-sponsored retirement plan. Program R uses the investment choices available and tries to improve the plan's return -- and decrease its risk -- for you, the participant.

Sprout Capital may have already analyzed your company's plan with Program R. Search for a company retirement plan below and see Program R in action!

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